Made originally on minecraft vinilla factions server. Paradise has growning to a beautiful town on a towny server. Now it has once agian progressed into a Server of its own. Enjoy your stay here at Paradise
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 Server Changed Agian

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PostSubject: Server Changed Agian   Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:42 pm

Server has been deleted becuase of spawn tower. It was cuasing massive issues on the server.

Issues caused:

- Lagg of plugins mods
- EE and few other mods not working

repercussions needed fixed now:

- New spawn in development
- Last fresh start for all (Please note i would like no one to get a headstart)
-all mods Admins and staff please make your own areas so new players can join your areas for help.

Server readiness:

-Spawn (not started)
-Forums (50%)
-Admin script(75%)
-Server reliablitiy (100%)
-Beginertowns/areas (Not started)

Active Members:
-Netjunkie (forums)

People if u want to be promoted or stay where you are at then i need the help to get this server off the ground i am working my ass off trying to make everything perfect so the more help i get the faster we can get this show on the road.

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Server Changed Agian
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