Made originally on minecraft vinilla factions server. Paradise has growning to a beautiful town on a towny server. Now it has once agian progressed into a Server of its own. Enjoy your stay here at Paradise
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 History of Paradise

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PostSubject: History of Paradise   Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:49 pm


Paradise! where do i start. Paradise was a simple faction made up of some friends and alot of support from a great friend from a other server. It started as a faction, small and only a few members of the faction with 3 leaders. The server in which Paradise was started then changed into a towny server. Paradise of course stayed the same name and became very well known town, Flourished into the biggest town on this server. I was asked at this point to become a Mod of this server therefore giving the town over to one of teh Co-owners. She has since changed the name of the town and it has been just as ever popular as before if not grown.

I am no longer a mod on this server and have left basicly and made my own server. Tekkit Paradise, Is now the the new town. The differance being on a grander scale and is now a server. I wish to grow this beautiful idea even bigger. Paradise is a place where people can be themselfs and not be judged. A place of happiness however that may be for you. Well that is the history of this beautiful Idea as we will call it and we will be writing the future from here on out.

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History of Paradise
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