Made originally on minecraft vinilla factions server. Paradise has growning to a beautiful town on a towny server. Now it has once agian progressed into a Server of its own. Enjoy your stay here at Paradise
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 Rank Breakdown

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PostSubject: Rank Breakdown   Wed Nov 28, 2012 5:13 pm

Paradise uses Permissions EX (PEX)

Ranks are as Follows:

-Newbie rank when you first start
-Do not have permission to do anything
-No breaking blocks
-No interaction with Mobs or players (Can't kill or be killed by either)
-No talking rights so you cant spam the chat.
-No World editing (Can't place or remove any type of block)
-You are invincable so you do not die however you can't use this to your advantange
-Self promotion comming soon. Until then a admin or owner must promote you to be able to build.

-Builder rank
-Can talk and build

-Basicly a member rank for those patrons who visit Paradise often.
-A few more commands and more respect basicly thena recruit.

-This is the first rank of staff
-Only givin out to people Phyre & other mods & admins of the server trust.
-Probation period of the next rank
-Chance to prove you can be a mod of the server.

-Only given to those who have shown they are respectful of others and can help new commers.
-Ability to begin banning those whom cant follow our simple rules and are disrespectful.
-Server regulators and the goto people for regular players to help the server run smoother.

-This rank will only be givin to a select group of people.
-those who have went above and beyong performing there duties on the server and forums.
-those who have shown they put others in front of themselves and there game time to help.
-this group is here to support and back up mods when they need the help.
-this group is not to be used freely.

-This rank will have maybe 2-3 people in it
-Not a achiveable rank to most people if any.
-this group is to help run and regulate the server and keep people from bothering Phyre.
-this group is not title "Babysitter" so dont nagg them.

-The highest rank and only 1 spot.

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Rank Breakdown
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