Made originally on minecraft vinilla factions server. Paradise has growning to a beautiful town on a towny server. Now it has once agian progressed into a Server of its own. Enjoy your stay here at Paradise
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 Server Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: Server Rules & Regulations   Wed Nov 28, 2012 5:17 pm

-Type /rules in game for the same list.

[1] No Griefing, Disrespecting, Or Nagging Staff!
[2] Tool kit cost $50 to use, Use Sparingly.
[3] If you have a Serious problem feel free to use /helpop (problem)
[4] Server Owner will not give out free staff levels and/or Admins
[5] Do not ask for promotions
[6] No Advertising of other servers
[7] Do Not use profanity this is a kid friendly server.
[8] Replant trees you cut down to save wood.
[9] Talk to a staff member before posting web links.
[10] Enjoy your stay in Paradise.


If rules are broken you will recieve warnings.
If constant you will be kicked
If Problem keeps persisting you will be TempBanned.
last if none of the above get the point across then you will be banned until further notice.

If you feel there are rules missing please post in Suggestions Forum Topic.
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Server Rules & Regulations
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